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SupaScoota SupaLite Mobility Scooter

SupaScoota SupaLite Mobility Scooter

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The SupaLite is more than a product, it’s about innovation and performance that inspires and fulfils a need. Look around, there is nothing like it. It’s not the result of marketing men, committees or audience clinics. A well designed product is one you fall in love with, it has to provoke a real reaction. Our design team have a history of innovation and creating products that customers want to buy. The SupaLite is a product you want to engage with now and in the future.


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Length 970mm
Width 570mm
Max Load 120kg
Max Speed 6.5kph
Est. Travel Range 10-13km
Pneumatic Tyres 200 x 65mm
Battery (Lithium) 24v 11.6ah
Motor 260w
Total Weight 20.4kg
Front Basket Optional
Arm Rests Optional